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Pakistan Hosts One Of World’s Largest Refugee Populations: President

Pakistani President, Arif Alvi, said that, his country continued to host one of the largest refugee populations in the world, showing Pakistan’s unwavering resolve and commitment to the welfare and voluntary repatriation of refugees.

In his message on the occasion of World Refugee Day, being observed today, Alvi said that, “on the day, we are reminded of the immense contributions of the government and people of Pakistan, in hosting millions of Afghan refugees over the past four decades.”

Pakistan’s unparalleled humanitarian efforts, in providing refuge to such a large number of displaced individuals, despite limited resources, serve as a testament to the spirit of brotherhood and compassion, the president said.

He said, the people and government opened their arms to Afghan refugees, based solely on the principles of humanity and solidarity, and extended support despite the challenges.

For 40 years, there has been no friction between the refugees and the host communities, exemplifying harmonious coexistence and mutual respect, he said.

The president said that, the policies of the government ensure refugees’ access to education and healthcare, and to having their bank accounts and other opportunities.

“In order to equip Afghan refugees with knowledge and skills, we have implemented comprehensive educational programmes, ensuring that refugee children have access to quality schooling,” he added.

Alvi also expressed his country’s resolve, to work closely with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and other humanitarian agencies, to provide essential assistance and protection to refugees residing within Pakistani borders

Source: Nam News Network