Pakistan High Commissioner to Speed up Flood Relief Efforts

Islamabad: Pakistan High Commissioner for UK Wajid Shamsul Hasan would be visiting Cardiff on 23 October 2011 for a fund raising event, which is being organized by Business and Welfare Association of South Wales.

A large number of the members of Pakistani Diaspora are expected to attend for contributing to the fund raising campaign, says a press release received here today from London.

High Commissioner would also be visiting the areas where Pakistani Diaspora lives across the UK to sensitise people on the devastations caused by the recent floods. While Pakistan High Commission’s website and NDMA’s link provided there amply reflect on the evolving situation as well as the relief activities being undertaken by the Government, it may be pertinent to mention that so far more
than 8 million people have been affected in Sindh alone, which is the worst hit province.

The death toll has reached 400, more than a million houses have been either destroyed or washed away, standing crops worth billions of pound sterling have been destroyed and tens of thousands of livestock have perished. On top, the epidemics breaking out have added to the victims’ miseries.

The recent devastations have struck the people in Pakistan when they were not yet out of the woods from the last year’s floods. The Government has put all its resources to mitigate the situation. However, it has also launched an international appeal.

The Government is particularly looking forward to the Pakistani Diaspora abroad to come forward to help their Compatriots in the hour of their distress. The international institutions have assessed that US$ 357 million would be required in emergency aid to cater to the urgent needs of the flood victims. Unfortunately, the relief assistance is yet to gather pace.

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