Pakistan Engineering Company Limited’s financial results – year ended 30.06.2011

Karachi: We have to inform you tint the Board of Directors our company in their meeting held on 27.02.2011 at 16:00 Hours at Kot Lakhpat Works, Lahore of the Company, approved the following financial results for the year ended June 30, 2011;


Rs. in Million

June 30, 2011June 30, 2010
Sales (Net)712,1771,677,379
Cost of Goods Sold677,1191,371,129
 ——— ———
Gross Profit35,058306,250
Operating Expenses
Selling and Distribution Expenses11,46011,961
Freight and Forwarding Expenses12,95525,587
General and Admin. Expenses47,18049,916
Operating Profit / (Loss) before tax (36,537)218,786
Other Charges8,9600,757
Financial Expenses17,54030,684
Operating Profit / (Loss) (63,037)187,345
Other Income8,3125,474
Workers’ Profit Participation Fund- 9,596
 ——— ———
Profit / (Loss) Before Tax(54,725)183,223
(From Continuing Operations)
Profit / (Loss) after Tax(35,985) 114,274
 ——— ———
(From Continuing Operations
Discontinued Operations
Profit for the year after Taxation5,3910,264
Discontinued operations
Profit /(Loss) after Tax for the year(30,594)114,538
Earning / (Loss) Per Share (Basic) Rs. (5.38)20.13


(Continuing and Discontinued Operations)

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Company Secretary
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