Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority Raided National Highway Authority’s Illegal FM Radio on M-1

Islamabad: PEMRA enforcement team in Peshawar, on May 18, 2011 raided an illegal FM Radio station being run by NHA (National Highways Authority) in violation of PEMRA Laws. The illegal FM radio was being operated on Islamabad – Peshawar Motorway (M-1) by NHA. PEMRA enforcement team impounded all the equipment being used in running illegal FM Radio station.

NHA was contravening section 19 of the PEMRA Ordinance 2002 (Amendment Act 2007) which substantiates that, no person shall engage in any broadcast media or distribution services except after obtaining a licence issued under the Ordinance.”

PEMRA has issued a show cause notice to the management of NHA to clarify its position immediately, failing which the Authority shall be constrained to take legal action against NHA.

It is reiterated that PEMRA is fully committed for upholding rule of law and ensuring level playing field for all the stakeholders in the broadcasting and distribution business. Notwithstanding, Authority takes immediate cognizance of the violations, committed by any company / firm in the country in order to curb illegal broadcast activities.

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