Pakistan Cycling Federation rebuts former Secretary Idris Khawaja’s Statement

Lahore: Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF) has expressed extreme concern and surprise at the inappropriate press statement of the former Secretary Idris H. Khawaja that appeared in some newspapers. PCF’s Secretary Syed Azhar Ali Shah referring to the reports published in the newspapers across the country about the PCF elections that were convened on September 24, 2011said that they were supervised by Abdul Khaliq Khan (Secretary, Pakistan Olympic Association, POA) and Lt. Col. (R) Zafar Ahmed (Rep. POA) and Azam Dar (Rep. Pakistan Sports Board, PSB).

It was only after the consensus of the General Council that the sitting President Ch. Nouraiz Shakoor invited the nominations for the PCF Offices. Mr. Idris Khawaja’s objection was overruled by the Council which is the ultimate authority under the PCF constitution.

Syed Azhar Ali Shah clarifying the matter informed that when sitting President asked for additional nominations from the floor, there were none. Out of the 15 eligible voters in the attendance, 12 were casted in favour of the new panel headed by Mr. Munawar Baseer Ahmad.

Affiliated units that voted in favour of new panel were SSGC, Army, Railways, WAPDA, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa whereas only 2 votes from Punjab and one from Sindh were not casted in favour of new panel. This firmly demonstrated full support for the new panel which comprises of professionals with wide representation of all affiliated units.

Secretary PCF informed that after the election, former President invited the newly elected President Munawar Baseer Ahmad to address the General Council and also formally handed over the President ship to him. Mr. Idris after the meeting agreed to hand over the entire record, data, documents and more than six racing bicycles and other equipment that was donated by IOC’s representative Syed Shahid Ali Shah to PCF.

Syed Azhar Ali informed that during the last 2–3 days, Mr. Idris had informed the new President that he was compiling the records, inventory and accounts to be handed over to the new Secretary.

It now appears that Mr. Idris with malafide intentions is resisting in providing the accounts and inventory of PCF as he knows that it will reveal numerous misappropriations, illegal application of funds, corruption and mismanagement of PCF over the past 16 years. The PCF Secretary emphasized that it is with this agenda that former Secretary has changed his stance that is contrary to the undertaking given by the former President Nouraiz Shakoor and Idris Khawaja, just after the election.

Secretary PCF informed that the affiliated units have stated that they will not participate in any event conducted by the defunct and out voted panel which is trying to cover up its misdeeds and misappropriations for the past many years.

It is also noted that POA and PSB which supervised the elections, now fully recognize the newly elected panel and hence Mr. Idris’s statements and claims clearly stand malafide that are aimed at his unsuccessful attempt to maintain his sole hegemony over the affairs of cycling in Pakistan. The cyclists and affiliate units have clearly expressed their support for the legally elected panel of the federation.

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