Noon Pakistan Limited’s financial results for the year ended 30 June, 2011

Karachi: We have to inform you that the Board of Directors of the Company in their meeting held at Lahore on 29 September, 2011 recommended the following:


(1) Cash Dividend (Ordinary Shaves)Nil
(2)Cash Dividend (Non-Voting Ordinary Shares) Nil
(3) Bonus Issue
Ordinary Shares and Non-Voting Ordinary Shares: 10 shares for every 100 shares held i.e. 10%.
(4)Right SharesNil
(5) Any Other Entitlement/ Corporate ActionNil
(6)Any Other Price Sensitive InformationNil



The financial results of the Company are attached.

The Annual Genera Meeting (AGM) of the Company will be held on Saturday, 29 October, 2011 at 11:30 am, at Lahore.

The share Transfer Books of the Company will be closed from 23 October, 2011 to 29 October, 2011 (both days inclusive) for the purpose of entitlement of bonus shares and holding the AGM.

Profit and Loss Account for the Year Ended 30 June, 2011







Cost of Sales322,590,444,2672,170,498,348
 ————- ————-
Gross Profit366,932,882265,917,774
Distribution Cost33192,671,837133,944,228
Administrative Expenses3467,008,446 55,609,577
Other Operating Expenses3513,636,9028,457,166
Other Operating Income36(33,575,966)(21,545,392)
 ————- ————-
Profit from Operations127,191,66389,452,195
Finance Cost3759,706,42439,884,219
Profit before taxation67,485,23949,567,976
- Current1931,065,74012,256,253
- Prior years19(120,350)(1,427,742)
- Deferred14(5,011,516)11,453,805
————- ————-
————- ————-
Profit after Taxation41,551,36527,285,660
————- ————-
Earnings per Share383.282.15



- The annexed notes form an integral part of these financial statements.

- Appropriations have been reflected in the statement of changes in equity.

Certificate for Free Reserves

As desired, we certify that the “Free Reserves” as defined in the Companies (Issue of Capital) Rules, 1996 as per audited balance sheet as at 30 June, 2011 of Noor Pakistan Ltd. (the Company) amounted Rs. 126,821,250 as worked-out below:



Unappropriated profit139,543,250
Unprovided proposed issue of ordinary bonus
Shares @ 10%4,752,000
Unprovided proposed issue of non-voting ordinary
Bonus Shares @ 10%7,920,000
Free Reserves as at 30 June, 2011 126,871,250
‘Free Reserves’ after the proposed issue of Bonus Shares as indicate below will not be less than 25% of the increased Capital after deduction of all Contingent Liabilities disclosed in the audited balance sheet as at 30 June, 2011.
Free reserves126,871,250
Less: Tax demand under section 122(1)/ 122 (5)
Of the income Tax Ordinance, 200134,984,515
Tax demand under section 161 / 205
Of the income Tax Ordinance, 2001 917,553
25% of the increased Capital 34,848,000


We further certify that according to the best of our information and explanations given to us and as shown by the above mentioned Balance Sheet of the Company. The aforesaid Reserves do not include any increase on account of revaluation of assets and any intangible asset.

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