No economic development sans women: Chief Executive Officer Saudi Pak Insurance

Islamabad: Role of women in the economic development of Pakistan should be acknowledged and supported by government as well as business community, a leading businessman said.

Pakistan cannot progress as far as we understand the importance of the women is are provided equal opportunities, said Mian Shahid, CEO Saudi Pak Insurance Co while speaking at a meeting of Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI).

Discrimination and social prejudices on the basis of sex is not only keeping women from development but it is also bringing economy down, he said.

Uneducated and unskilled women serving mostly as unpaid family helpers remain denied of their rightful place in society while those who have their own businesses or work for others also face discrimination, he said.

There is an urgent need to provide greater education opportunities, training facilities, exposure to new knowledge and technologies to women; he said adding that women should have a fair share in various economic, social, political and cultural developments.

He said that women entrepreneurs should work out a plan to popularise education, employment and economic activities among women so that they could be helped.

At the occasion, Samina Fazil, President IWCCI said that women are an integral part of the economic process of the country within and outside their homes, in the formal and informal sectors and in urban and rural areas.

She said that 72.2 percent of women are agricultural workers. Manufacturing represents 13 percent of the female labour force and community, personal and social services comprising 11 percent.

Samina said that women’s participation in almost all sectors is minor; a major reason behind sluggish economic growth.

She said that women are constrained by different norms, lack of information, mobility, training, segregation and have no opportunity to get credit. Business women are dependent on middlemen who exploit them and they remain outside of any effective protective legislation which is hindering growth.

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