Nepal Tourism Board, Embassy of Nepal in Islamabad and Nepalese Consulate General in Karachi will extend best possible support to explore Nepalese market for outbound tourists: Nepal envoy

Karachi, June 26, 2013 (PPI-OT): “Nepal Tourism Board, Embassy of Nepal in Islamabad and Nepalese Consulate General in Karachi will extend best possible support to explore Nepalese market for outbound tourists. I will certainly endeavour to bring closer Travel Agents Association of Pakistan and Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) to bridge together for joint efforts to promoting tourism between Nepal and Pakistan.”

This was stated by Ambassador of Nepal to Pakistan Bharat Raj Paudyal during his visit to Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP) in a meeting with the Anwar Rasheed, Vice Chairman Travel Agents Association of Pakistan and Executive Members of the Association. Mushtaq K. Chappra, Consul General of Nepal in Karachi and Lawa Subedi, Attache in Nepalese Embassy Islamabad were also present on this occasion.

Exchanging views, the Ambassador said that their doors are open for any information needed to expand Pakistani tourism business in Nepal. He was of the view that there was a need for undertaking Nepal’s tourism promotional activities in Pakistan particularly in the form of tourism fair, exhibition, and regular interaction with the travel and tour-operators.

The Embassy of Nepal in Islamabad will extend partnership in such activities. He articulated that people of Nepal and Pakistan enjoy close and friendly relations nurtured by friendship, cooperation and mutual respect.

There exist great potentials for promoting tourism between Pakistan and Nepal. Every year a good number of Pakistani people leave for foreign travel and he realized that efforts were required to promote in Pakistan what Nepal offers in multifarious tourism. He also endeavoured for effective liaison and meaningful activation of tourism joint working group of joint commission of Nepal and Pakistan.

Ambassador stated that Nepal with its unparalleled natural beauty combined with rich diversity of culture, flora, fauna and sceneries, could be an ideal destination for Pakistani tourists. Nepal is near, incurs less travel cost having direct flight between Karachi and Kathmandu, has friendly visa policy for genuine tourists and businessmen, and offers a whole range of options for the people of all age group according to their taste, preferences and budget. Many flights operating from the Gulf countries provide additional options for air travel to Nepal.

Every year thousands of tourists visit Nepal as the country holds an open and liberal society where tourists feel safe, comfortable and welcome. He sought cooperation of TAAP in respect to promote tourism activities between two countries. He also paid tribute to Pakistani mountaineer Samina Baig who recently made a history as the first Pakistan woman to climb Mount Everest.

Anwar Rasheed, Vice Chairman, Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP), earlier, welcomed Bharat Raj Paudyal, Ambassador of Nepal to Pakistan and commended his efforts to promote bilateral relations between two friendly countries. He apprised the Ambassador about the role of TAAP to promote travel and tourism industry in the country and elsewhere.

In his welcome speech, he articulated since establishing diplomatic relations between Nepal and Pakistan, the bonds of friendship and cordiality between these two countries, propelled by understanding and cooperation, have strengthened. The state of bilateral relations at present is based on goodwill, mutual cooperation and friendship.

He stated that Nepal was far ahead of Pakistan in tourism sector as the Nepalese Government is promoting the tourism, sports events and festivals altogether. He proposed signing of agreement of cooperation between Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP) and the Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) for joint efforts to promote tourism under the patronage of diplomatic missions of Pakistan and Nepal in respective countries.

If this proposal may turn to reality it will bring equal benefits for the people and business communities of two countries. Under the agreement, the apex travel and tour associations of both friendly countries will exchange regularly information on tourism of both countries as well as disseminating information to members and posting important information on the websites and electronic bulletins of two Associations, he added.

Anwer Rasheed stated that provided a window of opportunity to the apex Travel Associations of two countries to work together, the travel and tours business community on both sides will learn from each other’s experience and will also explore new avenues of business integration. Particularly, the Pakistani side will avail the prospects of diversified tourism services offered in Nepal.

Under an Air Services Agreement signed in August 1976, and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been operating between Kathmandu and Karachi sectors. Travel Agents Association of Pakistan would be pleased to provide its feedback and meaningful proposals in respect to promoting tourism between two countries in the forthcoming sixth meeting of this Joint Commission likely to be held in Islamabad, he concluded.

Immediate Past Chairman TAAP Yahya Polani apprised the Ambassador that being the stakeholder TAAP is committed to protect the interest of air travel trade and projects allied services to promote tourism in Pakistan and abroad and assured Embassy of Nepal its best support and cooperation.

Immediate Past Vice Chairman TAAP Syed Parvaiz Hossain proposed the Ambassador to organize a Conference or Brainstorming event in Karachi with collaboration of TAAP to provide an interactive forum to Pakistani and Nepalese Travel and Tours Operators to explore partnership opportunities and find new business prospects.

Former Vice Chairman TAAP Hanif Rinch stated that a large number of Pakistani tourist visit Nepal and the number is increasing every year. He urged the Ambassador to promote Pakistani tourism in Nepal as Pakistan and tourism business should be promoted on reciprocal basis.

A large number of TAAP members also participated in the meeting. Mementos were also exchanged on this occasion.

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