National Security Conference Held in Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Karachi: Security has always been a question of worry and in the present security environment it multiplies one’s fear and concerns. The sole purpose of spreading awareness about Security is to make people realize the worth of their life and surroundings. This is the reason why the main goals of any security program consist of teaching people of the use of technical security solutions to improve security systems.

These issues and other related concerns were discussed at the National Security Conference organized by All Pakistan Security Agencies Association (APSAA) on 20th March 2012 at the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Head Office in Karachi.

While speaking on the occasion, Shaikh Haroon Rashid, Vice President-FPCCI stated that national as well as personal security had become the top agenda under the changing globalized world today. Pakistan being the front line state war on terror was facing security challenges of various kinds.

All segments of life were adversely affected, especially trade and industry of the country. While talking about the security situation in Karachi, he mentioned that Karachi is the country’s investment and trade gateway and the key player in the economic performance of the country.

According to estimates, a one day strike in Karachi causes a direct trade loss of Rs.3 billion, affecting 2.5 to 3 million daily wage earners. With regard to extortion, he quoted media report that at least Rs10 million in extortion money is collected every day from shopkeepers and the city’s prominent businessmen. Furthermore, according to CPLC statistics, 2000 cell phones are snatched in every month.

He said the combined impact of these conditions was that the cost of doing business in Pakistan has risen significantly in term of security costs. Most businessmen had started doing their meetings and conferences in third countries instead of Pakistan due to security threats and further consumer confidence and business confidence had declined in Pakistan.

The conference also discussed the issues of terrorism and its impacts, general security environment, socio economic impact of security related issues, dynamics of security in the corporate sector and urgent need for a more effective approach to security.

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