National Insurance Company Limited scandal: Amin Fahim feels victimised by media propaganda

Islamabad: For last two months, me and my family feel victimized by media propaganda based on unjustified facts establishing our connections with NICL Scandal, says the Federal Minister for Commerce, Makhdoom Ameen Faheem. He further elaborated that me and my family was undergoing a legal deal with Muhammad Zafar Saleem which has no connection with the NICL issue and has also sent a legal notice to some of the papers regarding rebuttal of the propaganda.

Being a responsible and busy Member of the Federal Cabinet and holder of other political offices, it may not be possible for me nor appropriate to individually address each and every question of different newspaper and TV anchor persons who have each a different concept (based on misinformation) of the case. Hence I have decided to sell send all the honourable members of the media to kindly note that these facts which speak for themselves and conclusively prove that I and family were dealing with Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem for an independent transaction, different and separate the transaction that resulted in the scam of NICL.

Let me state the facts:-

(1) On 23rd of January 2009 (much before NICL issue was taken up by the court), Muhammad Zafar Saleem and Mrs. Rizwana Amin, my wife, entered into a sale agreement for the sale of her House No.75/11, 25th Street, Phase VI, DHA, Karachi.

(2) Mrs. Rizwana Amin was obliged to sell her house to pay for the loan that she and our family had taken from Standard Chartered Bank and Mr. Zafar Saleem agreed to pay eight crores to her for discharging the said debt so that on payment of the loan the redeemed property could be sold and registered in the name of Muhammad Zafar Saleem.

(3) Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem paid a sum of Rs. 35,00,000/- as earnest money and was supposed to pay remaining Rs.7,60,00,000/-within 10 months i.e before 22/01/2010.

(4) That the sale agreement had authorized Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem to deposit the sale price directly to the bank towards the satisfaction of the loan.

(5) Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem deposited a sum of Rs. 41 million through a cheque issued by one of his relatives (Khawja Akbar Butt)

(6) Unfortunately, Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem died in a plane crash in July 2010 and his family in spite of legal notices was unable to pay the remaining amount.

(7) That my wife Mrs. Rizwana Amin left with no other alternative except to file a Civil Suit No. 793/2011 in the Sindh High Court against the legal heirs of Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem.

(8) The heirs of Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem accepted the liability under the agreement dated 23rd of January 2009 but pleaded inability to pay and sought a compromise on the terms that they would pay 10% as penalty on the amount paid while Mrs. Rizwana Amin will return the remaining amount of Rs. 40,050,000/- to the heirs of Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem.

(9) Such a compromise deed was filed before the Sindh High Court who after recording the statements of the respective councils, decided the suit cancelling the sale agreement dated 23-01-2009 in terms of the compromise.

(10) Finally, an amount of Rs. 400,50,000/- was returned to the legal heirs of Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem and not to NICL or FIA.

(11) That the heirs of Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem found it convenient/appropriate/necessary to return this amount to the relatives of Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem (Khawaja Akbar Butt) who has nothing to do with me or with my family.

(12) That on the last date of hearing of the case in the Supreme Court, FIA representative accepted every term of the agreement and the final compromise as spelled out by me above and the learned Chief Justice has noted in his order that an amount of Rs. 4,00,50,000/- has been paid to and received by the heirs of Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem.

(13) I hope that this necessary detail which have penned down will convince you that I and my family were trying to sell the property of my wife to pay the debt to Standard Chartered Bank and entered into a transparent and valid agreement for the sale of the property which has been finally concluded through cancellation of the agreement and return of the amount minus 10% penalty. Accordingly, although Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem had deposited Rs. 4,10,00,000/- and had additional paid Rs. 3,500,000/- as earnest money (total Rs. 4,45,00,000/-, the amount returned to them as Rs. 4,00,50,000/-.

(14) Neither do I have anything to do with the property that was sold to NICL allegedly at a higher price nor with the decision between NICL and the sellers of the land which became part of the scam.

Finally, I request you not to repeat any of the following allegations against me and my members:-

(a) That we received any amount that was a part of the so-called illegal purchase at a high price by the NICL.

(b) That I or any member of my family ever agreed or paid any money to FIA.

Mrs. Rizwana Amin instead paid an amount of Rs. 4,00,50,000/- to the heirs of Mr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem on account of cancellation of agreement dated 23rd January 2009.

Note: All the documents relevant to prove the above facts are with the firms Zafar Law Associates, and if any of you is interested to see or have a copy of them, you can call the law office who will be willing to send you the requisite documents. In the backdrop of this baseless propaganda, I have realized my responsibility as a law caring citizen evident from the fact that none of my statements appeared on the media, causing disturbance to the court proceedings.

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