National bank of Pakistan trade unions federation Pakistan President national bank praised for record profit

Karachi: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is the main driver of national economic development and financial system. It provides best financial services to every production unit, every family and individual. Increase and fluctuation in the indicators of NBP steer the national structure of economy. NBP, the only financial institution with fastest growth rate and highest profit in the country, has shown Rs. 26 billion profit for the last fiscal year signifying the leadership and depth of financial strategy of its President Mr. Qamar Hussain and senior executives together with untiring efforts made by officers and employees of the bank.

Members of NBP Trade Union Federation Pakistan said that they are proud of this institution and credit its success to honorable President of the Bank, and at the same time request to share this joy of success with employees in shape of profit bonus.

At a time when our national flag carrier reaches the milestone and employees celebrate the resolution of their long standing issues in form of historical pay package, the vested interest has once again begun to vex the cordial atmosphere.

The elements who, only cared for their personal interests and preferred their own well being over the employees benefit have reactivated their deeds. Baseless rumours are being spread and doctored information distributed through wire and press to defame the public financial institution resulting in huge damage to employees interests.

The office bearers of the Trade Unions Federation further reiterated that “We, at Trade Unions Federation and on behalf of the employees from all over the country hereby condemn the scandalous act of hypocrisy from the certain quarter. We would like to assure such elements that misinformation will not attract the attention of NBP employees again and no satanic designs of bringing our honorable president and administration into disrepute will bear fruit if unity prevailed among employees and awareness of federation body.

We are poised to defend the dignity of our honorable officers and expose the character assassination tactics of those who have been spoiling this prestigious institution in past. We pledge to utilize our energies for the progress and stability of NBP, and warn the vested interest to distance out of their hateful anti- employee activities so that they could avoid the harsh accountability of the employees”.

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