Nation Needs Courage and Valour of September 1965 to confront the Present Day Challenges: National Assembly Speaker

Islamabad: The 5th September, 2011: Dr. Fehmida Mirza, Speaker, National Assembly has said that the nation was needed the spirit of 6th September 1965 to fight and overcome the challenges confronting to the country. She said this in her message to nation on Defence Day, being celebrated tomorrow.

The Speaker said that it reminds us of the resolve and the courage displayed by the country’s Armed Forces and the people of Pakistan while defending their country during 1965 War against India.

The Speaker said that on the day the courageous soldiers of Pakistan defeated the numerically superior enemy and proved their worth for defence of the motherland. “The Nation will always remember the unprecedented bravery and supreme sacrifices of the Armed Forces of the Country” she said. The Speaker said that today the nation needed the same unity and the spirit of September 1965 to resolve the problems it was confronting.

The Speaker said that at present the country was facing the threat of terrorism and extremism and passing through a difficult time and needed the same spirit of 6 September. She said that 6 September is a symbol of our enduring display of unity, faith and discipline as a nation and stressed the need for unity for national solidarity, integrity, prosperity and peace.

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