NAB’S DG Conference Concludes

The three days 21st Director Generals Conference of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has concluded in Islamabad on Wednesday with a determination to pursue the corruption cases according to merit and transparently. Chairman NAB Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, chaired the conference. The conference thoroughly deliberated the performance of all Regional Bureaus and NAB Headquarter including operation, prosecution and Awareness and Prevention Divisions of the NAB and reviewed measures taken by the present management of NAB in order to further improve the performance and efficiency of NAB.

While addressing the concluding session of the conference Chairman NAB said that NAB was established to eradicate corruption and looted money from corrupt. NAB had chalked out a very comprehensive operational methodology for proceeding of cases complaint verification, inquiry and investigation. NAB's investigation officers strictly follow Code of Conduct and zero tolerance policy on the basis of evidence as per law. The year 2014 which we can be called basically a year of re-invigoration of NAB, he said. He said that to close the possibility of any single NAB officer/official influencing the discharge of official business, the concept of a Combined Investigation Team (CIT) was introduced where two investigation officers and a legal consultant are working as a team for a fair, transparent and unbiased, inquiry/ investigation.

He said that Prosecution was also given targets and as a result of endeavors, the accountability court conviction ratio is now 76%. He said NAB has recovered Rs. 278 billion since its inception from corrupt and deposited in the national exchequer. NAB has received 3, 21,318 complaints which were all disposed off according to law. NAB has authorized 7124 inquiries, 3616 investigation and filed 2610 in the respective Accountability Courts to proceed against allegedly corrupt people since its inception. In short span of 16 years, NAB's performance is a record achievement which is better than any investigation agency of the world. He further directed all concerned to double their efforts in eradication of corruption from the country.

He said that an effective accountability mechanism is quintessential for economic growth, investment and stability of social order. The intervention by NAB has acted as a catalyst, as transparency is a prerequisite for promoting investment and economic growth. Since its inception, NAB had adopted the Enforcement based approach in its fight against corruption. Special focus is therefore being given to Awareness and Prevention activities besides Enforcement to educate the people at large about ill effects of corruption. It was decided that NAB's anti-corruption strategy of Awareness and Prevention and Enforcement has proved very successful which will be continue in future.

He said that the figures of complaints, inquiries and investigations are almost double as compared to the same period of 2014 to 2015 and in the six months of 2016. The comparative figures for the latest two and half years are indicative of the hard work being put in by all ranks of NAB staff in an atmosphere of renewed energy and dynamism, where fight against corruption is being taken as a national duty. Increase in the number of complaints also reflects enhanced public trusted in the NAB. NAB with improved infrastructure and rationalized workload, timelines have been prescribed for efficient, effective and expeditious disposal of case putting a maximum limit of 10 months- from complaint verification-to-inquiry-to investigation and finally to a reference in Accountability Court, he added.

It was decided that youth is the future of Pakistan; therefore NAB will continue its policy to give special emphases on involving youth in order to aware them about the ill effects of corruption from an early age so that they may hate corruption in all its forms in future, he added. The Chairman further said that NAB in collaboration with HEC has established more than 42 thousands Character Building Societies (CBS) in all the leading Universities and Colleges across the country to build an effective edifice against corruption which will be increased during 2016.

He said that NAB has established state of the art Forensic Lab in Rawalpindi which has facilities of Digital Forensics, Questioned Documents and Fingerprint Analysis. NAB has hosted first SAARC Anti Corruption Seminar in which SAARC countries have agreed to create SAARC Anti-Corruption Forum which is great achievement for Pakistan as Pakistan is the only country in SAARC countries that Corruption Perception Index (CPI) has decreased from 126 to 117. He said that NAB has proposed Whistle Blower Act which has approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Soon it will be presented before the Federal Cabinet for further deliberations as per law. NAB intends to establish NAB's Anti-Corruption Academy on the pattern of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Academy at Islamabad for capacity building of NAB officers/Officials as training is a continuous process.

During the conference it was decided to establish a state of the art Anti-Corruption Training Academy on the pattern of National Anti-Corruption cademy of Malaysia to enhance the abilities of the officers/Officials working in NAB. While discussing the matter, Chairman NAB said that training is a continuous and systematic process for any organization seeking to create and maintain an efficient workforce capable of delivering the assigned tasks. He said top priority be given to NAB employees on professional line as per international standards. Chairman directed concerned Division to expedite the work on this project. Conference also decided to conduct refresher courses for prosecutors and Investigation Officers for the purpose of capacity building as per approved capacity building training plan 2016.

During the conference it was decided that NAB's Regional Bureaus will be evaluated at a given criteria under Partly Quantified Grading System, PQGS (Operational Efficiency Index) in order to review and further improve the performance of Officers/Officials of NAB as with better quantitative and qualitative improvements in Operational Efficiency Index, rationalized workload, clearly drawn job descriptions and institutional support and supervision, NAB is ready to rise to the expectations of the Nation. The Chairman NAB reiterated the policy of zero tolerance towards inefficiency and corruption within the organization and decided that Internal Accountability Mechanism will continue to work under rules.

During the conference it was decided Monitoring and Evaluation System (MES) which was developed on the directions of Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, Chairman NAB catering the needs of all concerned having salient features of maintenance of data at each stage including complaint entry, complaint verification, inquiry, investigation, prosecution stage and record preservation of Regional Board Meetings and Executive Board Meetings including case brief, decisions made and list of participants attended the meeting with time & date and setting up of an effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System and ability to analyze data in qualitative and quantitative form having warnings and alarms system for violators. A pilot Project of NAB Rawalpindi was completed. The outcome of the pilot project was shared during the meeting. It was decided that Pilot Project of Rawalpindi will be replicated in all regional bureaus for effective monitoring and evaluation as continuous efforts are required to implement this system across NAB in order to further improve the working of NAB.

Chairman NAB appreciated the devoted efforts of all concerned. However as the expectations of the nation are very high from us. We need to double our efforts in eradication of corruption and to recover looted money from corrupt order to make Pakistan corruption free.

Source: National Accountability Bureau