Morning Call – Arif Habib Limited

Karachi: Market Today (Sales Desk)

According to Arif Habib Limited,

Market is expected to show bullish sentiments mainly on back of better expected corporate results along with stable in law & order situation. Arif Habib’s recommended scripts are LUCK, FFC, KAPCO, NBP, MCB and APL.

Today’s News

•             OGDC has reduced the annual turnaround (ATA) of Qadir Pur gas field to 8 days, instead of 20 days. This will enable SNGPL to supply gas to Fertilizer Sector, Independent Power Producer and Industrial Sector.

•             The MCB Bank Limited has initiated the process of getting its shares enrolled for Sponsored Level American Depository Receipts (ADRs) in New York Stock Exchange


Margin Trading SystemAugust 30, 2011
 DayVolDay ValueWghtd AvgOpen VolOpen Value% open
FFC 0.088.9816.2% FFC0.21 24.2217.0%
NBP0.226.2015.0%NBP 0.6618.2914.9%
ENGRO0.021.9415.0%LOTPTA2.07 16.5012.0%
NML 0.061.9218.0% ENGRO 0.14 11.83 9.6%
KAPCO 0.030.8221.8%NML0.27 8.25 5.6%
Source: NCCPL


FIPI (USDm)Net Buy/(Sell)
MTD -11.59
Source: NCCPL



MSCI IndexLastDay YTD
Pakistan 85.80.0%-12.4%
Frontier Markets 500.8 -0.1%-16.5%
Emerging Markets1021.9-1.6%-11.3%
EM Asia420.7 -0.6% -10.1%
Source: MSCI



Board Meetings DateTime
Kot Addu Power Co5-Sep-111:00 PM
Nishat Power Limited5-Sep-1111:00 AM
Hum Network Ltd5-Sep-1111:00 AM
Descon Oxychem Limited6-Sep-1110:30 AM
Nishat Mills Limited6-Sep-1110:30 AM
Altern Energy Limited7-Sep-1111:00 AM
Tata Textile Mills Limited7-Sep-1112:15 PM
D.G.Khan Cement Company Limited7-Sep-1111:30 AM
Habib ADM Ltd7-Sep-1111:30 AM
Dawood Capital Management Ltd7-Sep-1111:30 AM
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited7-Sep-112:30 PM
The Hub Power Company Limited8-Sep-1110:00 AM
Descon Chemicals Limited8-Sep-1110:30 AM
Dynea Pakistan8-Sep-1110:00 AM
Source: KSE