More joins Punjab University’s Dengue Research Group

Lahore: Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran presided over the third meeting of Dengue Research Group, formed to carry out research and curb dengue virus on emergency basis, here in the committee room of Centre for Undergraduate Studies on Friday.

Besides Punjab University, experts from University of Health Sciences, University of Veterniary and Animal Sciences, Mayo Hospital, Fatima Memorial System and FC College University also attended the meeting.

Addressing the house, VC Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran said lines of research are drawn and now only the ways were to be set that who will carry out what task. He said the PU would utilize its own resources and government would not be requested for any grant because of the attitude of red tape. The scientists revealed that wrong information regarding dengue fever has been conveyed to general public through media.

Representing UHS, Prof Dr Aslam Khan said female dengue mosquito bit humans from morning to evening and 2:00pm was its peak time. After sucking blood, female mosquito needed to lay eggs and holes in trees and other such location are its ideal places. He informed the participants that the dengue mosquito did not rest inside homes and there were increased possibilities of beating outside.

He said the dengue virus was reported in the region before 1947 but after 1947 the migrants used empty bottles and such other things which stopped its breeding. Later, some viruses were detected in 1971 and then in 1973 Congo virus was discovered in Rawalpindi. An American Dr David Allan imported this virus from East Pakistan. In Southeast Asia, this virus came through the import of tyres. He highlighted various types of mosquitoes.

Dr Shabnam Sarfraz of Fatima Memorial System briefed the participants about FMS so that researchers could be helped in their fields. She informed that Fatima Memorial System had been carrying out research on identifying factors contributing to dengue.

Representing Mayo Hospital, Muhammad Jamil Akhtar said that they had a data of over 10000 tests of dengue patients.

Dr Kausar Abdul Malik of FC College said the medical community alone could not tackle the dengue virus.

Representing UVAS, Masud Rabbani said some working groups of UVAS had been carrying out research on various aspects of dengue virus. He said we had to overlook on our resources that either the facilities were of international standard or not?

Dr Nasreen Muzaffar said the use of mospel through media had been advertised which could cause serious skin diseases.

The experts agreed that comprehensive database of research carried out yet on this needed to be prepared. They said now such a group would be formed which will provide true information to media.

In the end, VC Dr Mujahid Kamran directed to issue formal statement regarding guidance and provision of true information to the masses in the light of Dengue Research Group’s experts.

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