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MORA advises pilgrims to ensure timely vaccination before Hajj

Islamabad, The Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) has urged all intending pilgrims to receive vaccinations at least five days prior to their departure for Saudi Arabia for Hajj this year. This announcement aims to ensure the health and safety of pilgrims during their spiritual journey.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the vaccination requirement is mandatory for all pilgrims. The Ministry also detailed that the pre-Hajj flight operations are set to begin this Thursday and will continue until the ninth of the following month. Each pilgrim will be provided with a travel package that includes a large travel bag, a small hand-carry bag, a shoe bag, an Ihram belt for men, and a scarf for women. This year, under the Government Hajj Scheme, approximately 68,000 pilgrims are expected to travel to Saudi Arabia across 259 flights.