Monthly Statement of Foreign Currency Accounts/COIs

Karachi: Attention of Authorized Dealers is invited to Circular Letter No. 16/FEP.16 (326)-2000 dated May 30, 2000 in terms of which they are required to submit the above statement to our Statistics & Data Warehouse Department.

In order to facilitate the banks and with a view to reduce reporting burden, some variables of the existing format of Statement-I (circulated through above circular letter) have been deleted and a revised format of statement has been developed, which is attached herewith.

Further, henceforth the requirement of submission of Statement-II showing Maturity Distribution of Time Deposits under Foreign Currency Accounts Scheme has been dispensed with.

Accordingly, Authorized Dealers are advised to submit the position of Old Foreign Currency Accounts on the revised format to Statistics & DWH Department, State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi by 7th of the following month on regular basis with effect from June, 2011 onwards.

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