Mitchell’s Fruit Farms Limited’s Information Under Listing Regulations 16 and 17

Karachi: It is to inform you that the Board of Directors of our Company in their Meeting held on May 23, 2011 to review and approve accounts for the quarter and half year ended March 31, 2011, recommended the following:

Cash Dividend


Bonus Issue


Right Shares


Financial Results

A copy of the profit and loss accounts of the Company for the quarter and half yearly ended March 31, 2011 is enclosed.

Mitchell’s Fruit Farms Limited

Condensed Interim Profit and Loss Account For The Quarter Ended March 31, 2011 (Un-Audited)

 January to MarchOctober to March
Cost of sales(313,731,617)(263,646,547)(568,488,715)(524,619,299)
Gross profit92,515,77980,610,312167,717,908140,629,033
Administration expenses(18,034,991)(15,913,495)(31,954,521)(28,236,480)
Distribution and marketing expenses(37,693,348)(32,613,984)(75,959,301)(57,662,434)
Other operating expenses(2,402,049)(3,025,859)(3,607,331)(3,025,859)
Other operating income3,617,6362,649,6785,853,0683,209,429
Profit from operations38,003,02731,706,65262,049,82354,913,689
Finance cost(10,092,318)(10,139,424)(18,126,078)(20,764,306)
Profit before tax27,910,70921,567,22843,923,74534,149,383
Profit for the period17,236,23410,001,94127,987,38722,584,098
Earnings per share – Basic and diluted3.421.985.554.48

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