Mexico Customs over reacted and rejected rice shipments: Zulfikar Thaver

Karachi, July 22 2013 (PPI-OT): The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) president Zulfikar Thaver informed the viewers on a local business television channel that the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) needed to act fast on the rejection of Pakistani rice shipped to Mexico at the destination port which rejected the cargo due to presence of weevils. The TDAP needed to reach the destination port and resolve the matter along with the commercial attache and the buyers with the port authorities in Mexico who exaggerated and over reacted in the matter.

Thaver replying to the anchor of the show said there was no need to make an issue about the rejection and return of the cargo and said in fact it should be appreciated that the cargo would be replaced .

He pointed out that the Mexican buyers were prepared to accept the cargo but the port authorities gave the matter a more serious turn than it deserved. The transit time to the Mexican port is 45 days and sometimes more and due to long transit time and improper storage it is possible that the eggs get incubated and weevils appear despite the fact that goods were well fumigated. In such long duration shipments the insects are born in transit due to weather conditions especially during the months of summer and monsoons.

This however does not make the grains unfit for human consumption however such things happen and since the Pakistani shippers were aiming at customer satisfaction they were ever willing to replace the cargo.

He asked the anchor to comprehend the fulfillment of the guarantee given by the exporters and this positive step reflects the good point of an exporter rather than giving the country a bad name. He asked the anchor not to consider this as an adverse factor as long as the exporters were prepared to replace the returned cargo.

He reminded the anchor that on occasions big automobile companies have themselves called back for the vehicles shipped when after shipments any defects were found due to confirmed mistakes of the manufacturer.

In this case the remarks of the anchor about Pakistan getting a bad name for the return of shipments to Mexico has been considered as misjudged and uncalled for and needed clarification that since the exporters were not backing out and in fact despite not their fault are prepared to accommodate the buyers. However TDAP should take up the matter with the port authorities for exaggerating the matter beyond proportion the union said.

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