Message Of Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Prime Minister Of Pakistan On World Water Day, 22nd March, 2012

Islamabad: Water is the most precious gift of nature which ensures life on the planet. Recognizing the need for preservation and conservation of this valuable resource, the United Nations General Assembly declared 22nd March as World Water Day.

This year’s global theme for world water day is “Water and Food Security”. It aims to highlight and encourage governments, organizations, communities and individuals to actively play their role in ensuring efficient and judicious use of this scare resource for overcoming the water and food security challenges.

The water situation in our country is becoming alarming as its availability is sharply declining and is likely to aggravate due to climate change impact and rapidly increasing population.

Pakistan lies in the semi arid region and Indus River System is the major source of water which is fed by the glacial melts. Glacial reserves in the North of the country melt and flow through the country, supplying more than 70% of the river flows. This frozen “blue gold” is the country’s most precious reserve and sustain the agro based economy coupled with the unpredictable monsoon rains of the summer.

The glacial melts and the monsoon rains overlap in summer periods providing the irrigation water on one hand and dangerously raising the risk of flash floods on the other. This catastrophe was evidenced in 2010 floods, which affected 20 million people and damaged over 5.00 million acres of farm lands. A similar flood repeated itself in Sindh and Baluchistan during 2011.

I request the nation to join hands with Ministry of National Disaster Management to raise awareness on water conservation to overcome food security challenges.

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