Message of President on the International Day of Older Persons

Islamabad: The International Day for Older Persons is a reminder to everyone to respect the older persons as well as to provide a conducive, secure and healthy environment in which they are enabled to cope with the challenges of old age.

It is a measure of some satisfaction that in our society in Pakistan old age is a mark of respect associated with recognition of wisdom, experience and contributions to family and society. In spite of great socio-economic pressures, Pakistani society has adhered to the value of showing respect to senior citizens.

Let us not forget that those who are elderly today were also young and productive in the past and played their role in sustaining and supporting their families and in the building of the society and the communities of which they are part. The community and the society owe it to the elderly to look after them in the twilight of their life.

On the eve of International Day for Older Persons, I reiterate our pledge to promote their welfare and protection and assisting them become useful citizens of this country as well as productive members of the global village. Our tradition of giving value to the cause of senior citizens will continue to be reflected in state policies.

Care of the elderly is a duty in which the philanthropists and the affluent members of society can also play an important role by stepping forward and helping the government.

Through concerted action by all, the private and the public sector, we can make the lives of elderly more comfortable and meaningful.

After Eighteenth Amendments now provincial governments have been entrusted to take steps for providing the elderly a conducive and congenial environment thereby making the life of elderly comfortable and the nation prosperous, healthy and tolerant. I am confident provinces would dispense with their obligations in a responsible manner.

I also appreciate the UN agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and representatives of senior citizens for their efforts for continuously advocating and highlighting the rights of senior citizens and related issues. I hope they will continue pursuing this important mission with commitment, zeal and enthusiasm.

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