Message of President Asif Ali Zardari On World Water Day 22nd March 2012

Islamabad: Water issues are becoming more and more critical because of depleting resources of fresh water and lack of adequate awareness about its conservation and judicious use. While observing World Water Day this year along with the international community, it is important that the people are sensitized about the importance of this essential commodity for maintaining life on this planet and are persuaded to adopt integrated approach for conservation and sustainability of water resources.

This year’s global theme “Water and Food Security” aims to highlight the importance of water in ensuring food security and to encourage governments, organizations, communities, and individuals to actively engage in efforts to conserve water. At the national level we have adopted the national theme as “Safe Waters and Malnutrition” which highlights the linkage between water and food chain.

Being the most important factor in ensuring food security, water conservation has become a critical issue for countries like Pakistan with agricultural economic base. The recent studies terming Pakistan as the water stressed country call for urgent measures not only at Governmental level but also at non-governmental level with full participation and cooperation of civil society, NGOs, media and others. The need for water conservation and its rational use has never been as great as it is today.

On this occasion, I appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of the Ministry of National Disaster Management in taking lead to develop an integrated response to water scarcity problems in the country by introducing policy instruments. We need to gear up our efforts further and involve all segments of society in creating awareness about the sustainability, preservation and conservation of water resources. There is an urgent need to adopt the latest technologies in all the sectors, whether in agriculture, industry, recreation or any other, to save water and check its degradation on the one hand, and for making available safe drinking water to our people, on the other.

Once again, I appreciate Ministry of National Disaster Management and all involved in this effort and urge the people to come forward and help in conserving water resources to ensure adequate water availability to meet the challenges of food security of the present and future generations.

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