Message from the Prime Minister Gilani on International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Islamabad: The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking attracts our attention to the dangers drugs pose to the individuals, families, communities and society on the whole. The menace of drugs is most formidable warranting rapid response at various levels. Statistics show that teenagers and young adults are more vulnerable to this menace. Its prevalence among young adults is more than twice as high as that among people of other age groups.

No government can eliminate this menace fully unless its efforts are supported by the community, non-profit social organizations and media. There is a need to sensitize the youth about the dangers of the drugs. Media has a unique role to play in this regard. Parents and families have also huge obligation on their shoulders. Our youth is the national asset and future of this nation. They cannot and must not be left at the mercy of the drug dealers.

The democratic government has assigned the highest priority to control narcotics and initiated far reaching policy measures as a new vision to counter the menace of drug abuse.

In line with our global commitments, we look forward to forging cooperation with the world community to control the scourges of drugs and illicit trafficking. Pakistan is a signatory to global conventions and protocols pertaining to the control of drug abuse and illicit trafficking. Our efforts for narcotics control are aligned with our global commitments and international conventions.

I am confident that with the commitment and dedication of community, media, and the government, we will achieve our goal of drug free Pakistan.

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