Message from President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan On the occasion of World Tourism Day

Islamabad: On the eve of the World Tourism Day being observed today let us reiterate our resolve to promote tourism in the country on the one hand and to share its benefits with the world on the other.

Tourism not only highlights the beautiful planet that we live in but also helps generate revenues. A robust tourism industry is vital not only for healthy economic activity but also for building ties with other countries and peoples of the world.

For a variety of reasons, the full potential of tourism has not been exploited in Pakistan. The scourge of militancy and extremism has been a major inhibiting factor in attracting tourists. The unprecedented floods and the human misery caused by it have further hampered efforts to strengthen this vital sector of our national economy.

However the government is deeply conscious of the need to promote tourism industry. Under the Eighteenth Constitutional adopted unanimously by the Parliament, tourism is a provincial subject. The framers of the Constitution were conscious of the need to put in place appropriate mechanisms for tourism promotion.

They assigned the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) and its subsidiaries to the Inter Provincial Coordination for management till the transfer of the subject to provinces is complete. The establishment of tourist centres in Pakistan and abroad has been assigned to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting so that tourists can get complete information about the tourism potential in all parts of the country from a single source.

I am confident that the provincial governments are conscious of the need to promote tourism and are also taking steps for its promotion.

A great threat to the promotion of tourism is the phenomenon of climate change. It has the potential of radically altering our lives. Indeed the process of radical changes caused by climate changes may have already begun. It would, therefore, be most appropriate if countries of the world allocated a portion of earnings from tourism for managing the threat of global climate change.

On this day I urge everyone concerned to help promote tourism in the country. I also invite people of the world to visit Pakistan and enjoy the extent and diversity of its tourism wealth.

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