Meeting of standing committee on water and power held

Islamabad, May 31, 2016 (PPI-OT):A meeting of the standing committee on water and power was held at Parliament House to discuss the performance of water and power, current plans of production of electricity and load shedding and to provide electricity to industries and as well as for people. It was also discussed in the meeting an amendment in Infrastructure Board Act 2012 and agenda of National Energy Surplus Bill 2016.

Chairman Committee said that it is necessary to improve the performance of Departments, solutions of problem of masses and better suggestions for Government. There are problems due to electricity bills and complaints have been lodged for the stealing of electricity. Secretary Water and power Muhammad Younus Dagha has briefed the Committed that electricity would not be provided to industries in the month of Ramzan.

There would be no load shedding for people in the month of Ramzan at dawn and dusk and he informed the Committee that there are ten discos and five Jancose in the country. There were very great challenges to industries and it was very difficult to maintain system instead of generating 15 thousand mw electricity. Nandipur, Neelam Jhelum, Dasu and Dia Mir project are under consideration. Land for Dia Mir Dasu has been taken and whenever work will be started its production will be after 7 or 8 years. World banking is willing to pay debts for Tarbella five Section.

Karwat Sukhi Kinari private hydel plans are there and in total production Hydel 36% and Furnace oil 30% add. Chairman Committee Senator Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Nasir said that there should be no load shedding in the month of Ramzan. Senator Mukhtar Aijaz Dhamra said there is load shedding for 20 hours in Sindh in a day.

Senator Numan Wazir give suggestion to committee that in Province of KPK permission should be granted to industries for functions and it should not be completed clogged at least at night. Secretary of water and Power briefed that at the end of this year 630 MW electricity will be made. Senator Numan Wazir said that 531 villages of Jhampir are still deprived of electricity and solar energy is providing for the cost of rupee 3 in all over the world than why it is so much expensive at the cost of 12 Rs.

In Pakistan Chairman Committee replied to Senator Numan Wazir that in Balochistan electricity can be generated through wind and solar. Pakistan is a pour country than why expensive electricity is provided to its people. Chairman Committee said that we are here to resolve the issues of people and there are complaints in every district we will resolve these issues and he also said that every member committee should carried written suggestions and recommendations in every meeting, and directed that all heads of companies should also attend the meetings of committee.

The committee was attended by Senator Nisan Muhammad, Taj Haider, Mukhtar Ahmed Dhamar, Numan Wazir Khatak, Ghaus Muhammad Khan Niazi, Atta Ur Rehman Muhammad Younus Dagha, Additional secretary Nasir Jami, MDPPIB Shah Jehan Mirza CEO ADB Amjad Awan, IESCO Chief Rana Jabbar, FESCO Chief Aamil Hussain Siddique, LESCO CHIEF Asad Ullah, KESCO Chief Muhammad Shafqat, GAPCO Chief, Muhammad Haroon, PESCO Chief Anwar Ul Haq and Senior officers of ministry.

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