Meet Farfetch and find out its distinctive name in the fashion industry

What you must know?

Well! When it comes to the fashion industry, so you will come across many names in that specific industry, and one of the famous names in this regard is none other than Farfetch, that enjoys its distinctive popularity in the industry and currently it has been in the limelight of the tech world news. According to many experts Farfetch happens to be growing like crazy as Farfetch, has succeeded to secure $110 million, and it is the London-based startup, which because of its hard work and devoted struggle, has eventually succeeded in becoming the most prominent and the dominant e-commerce player when it comes to the fashion industry. Farfetch happens to run a marketplace that makes the high-end fashion retailers connect with different customers and according to the sources close to the company, have come up with the statement that the company does not want to stop there. Farfetch succeeded to secure $50 million line in order to boost its own growth and in the last year the company has succeeded to raise $86 million

Let’s go through the successful insight of the company

In 2015 alone, Farfetch happened to manage $500 million in transaction value and its marketplace approach is the one that makes the company to take a share on every transaction. With that you also must know that the Farfetch does not resemble eBay or Amazon Marketplace and according to those who are close to the company, say that the company focuses on fashion brands and likes to help them much seamlessly integrate offline and online transactions in a much unified experience. And that seems to be the reason for Farfetch to work on a white label platform solution and as you log on to the, so you will find that you can buy a high-end shoes straightaway from the company’s website and behind the scene,
Farfetch happens to accomplish the task.

Some more facts about Farfetch

Although the Farfetch does not manage inventories, but this startup has the ability to get connected directly to your inventory and it is also able to provide an impeccable customer support with in-store pick-ups, same-day deliveries in various major cities and pick-up services if you intend to return any specific item. According to many experts, this London-startup, is the right startup for the small fashion brand in order to mark their strong online presence that may take their business to the next higher level and will make them able to make customers internationally and according to the experts Farfetch’s platform is the most easiest way to jump into the online business for all the small fashion brands. So if that is the case, then the small fashion brands must opt for it, because that will help them to mark their name among the world’s top fashion brands. Now it is yet to see that how many small brands will opt for it and leverage it in order to get great success.