Massive Azm-e-Aalishan Rally against North Atlantic Treaty Organization attack held at Punjab University

Lahore: Punjab University Directorate of Students Affairs, here on Wednesday, organized a massive “Azm-e Aalishan Rally” against the US and NATO aerial strike on Pakistani check posts in Mohmand Agency.

The varsity teachers, students and employees, in groups, started reaching the Institute of Business Administrative (IBA) from their departments. Patriotic and enthusiastic participants added warmth to the campus environment with their full-length voice slogans.

The passion and number of participants was worth seeing when Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran led the rally from IBA at 10:30am. Thousands of teachers, students and employees participated in the rally.

The participants were holding banners and placards, carrying slogans against the unprovoked and barbaric attack of NATO, tribute to martyred, sympathy with the bereaved families and solidarity with the Pakistani armed forces. It was a huge rally among the biggest rallies in the country, taken out against NATO forces.

Speaking on the occasion, VC Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran said the unprovoked attack of NATO was an attack on Pakistan’s solemnity and should be considered as unannounced war. He said the anger of nation at this stage had never been as such in the past. He said the blood of soldiers martyred in the attack by US in disguise of NATO would not go in vain.

He said US and Pakistani people were facing the same enemy, a group of international bankers and the group aimed at occupying world’s wealth, power, imposing wars and establishing “One World Government.”

He said Pakistani people and government should realize this reality and all should prepare themselves in every field. Dr Mujahid Kamran said knowledge was the headspring of power and that nation was dominant who was educated.

He administered oath from the participants to focus on education and research and do their work with honesty work and dedication to do justice to the blood of martyrs. He asked them to develop a strong bond with knowledge and pen to become a respectable nation.

The Vice-Chancellor said the varsity teachers, students and employees stand united with Pakistani armed forces and fully shared the grief of bereaved families.

He termed the steps of Pakistani government including suspension of NATO supply, taking back the control of Shamsi base and boycott of Bonn conference, as a reflect of public’s feelings and said no reconciliation should be made in this regard.

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