Managing Director Karachi Water Sewerage Board listens to Public Complaints in Open Public Court in North Karachi with lawmakers

Karachi, July 23 2013 (PPI-OT): Managing Director Karachi Water and Sewerage Board sat in Open Public Court in North Karachi with Newly Elected Member of National Assembly Waseem Ahed Qureshi, Shaikh Salah Uddin and Members of Provincial Assembly Khuwaja Izhar ul Hassan, Jamaluddin and Waseem Qureshi, in order to listen to Public Complaints. Deputy Managing Director T and S, Chief Engineer and other concerned officers were also presents.

Residents of North Karachi, Surjani Town, New Karachi, Shaadmaan Town, Buffer zone and adjoining areas participated in the open session. Whereas, MNAs and MPAs pointed out acute water shortage in these areas stating that even mosques are suffering due to this shortage. There are leakages on some spots so public complaints must be dealt with on immediate basis, and valve operation must especially be monitored.

On the complaints received from MNAs and MPAs and residents of these areas M.D KW and SB warned concerned Officers directing them to ensure swift water supply to these areas and valve operations must be monitored. He directed that all broken valves must be replaces. Shortage could be overcome if the distribution staff works ensure fair provision of water to all areas.

Directing DMD TS to stay in District Central for a week and monitor water supply system and infrastructure M.D KW and SB directed him to resolve all problems pointed out by MNAs, MPAs and citizens. Furthermore, a proper supply strategy must be formulated to overcome water shortage. MD KW and SB also directed to establish a complaint centre in District Central and a focal person must be assigned who would be responsible for water supply related issues in the area.

M.D KW and SB also directed that Hydrants would now operate for 6 hours only, due to increased demand in Surjani Town. Most of the complaints during open session were reported by residents of 11-D, 11-J, 11-C-1, 5-J, 5-F, 5-D, 5-G (I-III) where mostly were water supply complaints. Elected Representatives speaking on this occasion said that it is their duty to ensure swift provision of water to the residents of their elected areas and it is concerned officers’ duty to resolve all problems reported by area residents.

Moreover, M.D KW and SB directed Chief Engineer to pay attention to overflow complaints since it causes sewerage water to flow on roads damaging them and leaks must also be stopped immediately. He said that D.M.D TS must monitor the complaints himself and it is vital that we act in professional and timely manner. It is KW and SB’s responsibility to solve these issues and ensure water supply, we can overcome any hurdles with the help of Elected Representatives in order to fulfil our duties.

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