Malik calls on Qaim Ali Shah

Karachi, July 20, 2012 (PPI-OT): Federal Advisor for Interior Mr. Rehman Malik today called on Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah at C.M House. He discussed matters of mutual interest, political situation and law and order situation of the province particularly the Karachi, which is economic hub of the country.

Both the leaders reviewed the current law and order situation in the Karachi, and decided to take serious action against Bhattakhors, target killers and Perchee Mafia being sent to traders, businessmen and industrialists.

It was observed that Karachi is a big and thickly populated city and any type of killing, is not a target killing, and urged the electronic and print media not to term all killings as target killings, and should not create panic amongst people.

It was decided that relevant sections and departments make full investigation of incidents and details of Parchee Mafia have been collected, while Police, rangers, law enforcing agencies and all SHO’s have been directed accordingly.

It was also decided that wherever there is any crime, the SHO of relevant area will be held responsible. It was also decided that I.G Police Sindh and all agencies under police department including CID and special branch should make all out efforts for curbing the criminals activities. With regard to collection of Fitra amount, it was observed that Chief Justice of Pakistan has already directed that intending persons or institutions should install tents where people can handover amount of FITRA, while the groups playing vehicles will not be allowed to collect Fitra amount.

It was decided that Perchee Mafia will be dealt accordingly and could be detained under M.P.O. Advisor for Interior Mr. Rehman Malik assured the Chief Minister Sindh that all agencies of Federal Government will provide all assistance and cooperation to provincial government for curbing the menace of criminals, and anti-social elements.

It was hoped that with concerted effort, the activities of Perchee Mafia will be crushed particularly during the Holy month of Ramadaan. It was further decided that FIR’s will be lodged against persons supporting criminals and Perchee Mafia, and peace will be fully restored and maintained as Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan.

Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah thanked the Ministry of Interior particularly the Advisor for Interior for cooperation to Sindh government from time to time. He said that President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has also directed yesterday to strictly maintain the law and order.

He said that the tendency of crime particularly the target killings, bhattakhors etc has come down and it is expected that the same will further be reduced. He said that Sindh Police is being imparted latest trainings and provided latest weapons to combat the situation. Syed Qaim Ali Shah informed that President of Pakistan has assured that more latest weapons will be supplied to Sindh Police for timely and prompt action against criminals and bhattakhors.

Chief Minister Sindh further informed that Karachi is a thickly populated city and the police force of 25,000 to 30,000 is not sufficient for Karachi, as such 10,000 more police personnel are being added soon. He said that the criminals possess latest weapons and Sindh Police has also efforted to provide latest arms to police force. Syed Qaim Ali Shah thanked the traders and businessmen who had always cooperated the government, and it is further hoped that they would continue their cooperation.

He informed that some criminals and bhattakhors have been arrested and few target killers have also been apprehended. Chief Minister Sindh added that there are issues of sectarian, ethnic, and political groups while the government has made coordination with all political parties so as to take effective measures politically also.

It was decided that it will be the challenge for government and LEA’s during the Holy month of Ramazan and these will full focus on criminals and Parchee mafia so as to end the crime from Karachi. It was further decided that patrolling of Police and Rangers will be increased, police pickets will monitor the criminals and surprise raids will be conducted against criminals. It was decided that special measures will be adopted during Holy month of Ramazan and lives and properties of people will be fully protected.

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