Makhdoom Saleh Hayat welcomes Judicial Commission to Probe Land Scam

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Housing and Works Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat appeared voluntarily before the bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan headed by Chief Justice who has taken suo moto notice of irregularities committed by Federal Government Employees Foundation in the purchase of land in Zone IV Islamabad. The Minister reiterated the commitment to execute his agenda of ‘Zero Tolerance to Corruption’ and to save the public exchequer from corruption and embezzlement.

It is pertinent to mention that the Minister for Housing and Works had already taken notice of serious irregularities committed by the management of Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation during the purchase of land comprising 3000 kanals at Bara Koh, Islamabad. The regularities were found by him during the course of a presentation by the Federal Government Employees Foundation. In order to explore the matter the Minister then nominated Mr. M.B. Awan Senior Joint Secretary as inquiry officer.

After the conclusion of inquiry, it was reported that the land was purchased at exorbitant rate of 9 Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rupees (Rs. 950000) per kanal while the average price of that area was Forty Five Thousand Five Hundred per kanal. Secondly, CDA had also restrained the societies and general public through their press publications to launch any housing scheme in Zone IV. Interestingly, the then Secretary of Housing and Works released an amount of Rs. 1567.5 million to the contractor ignoring the press publication of CDA. Moreover, the development contract was awarded to M/S Green Tree Private Limited without getting competitive bid as provided in PPRA Rules 2004.

Furthermore, the executive committee showed complete favour to the contractor in awarding the contract/procurement of huge amount of Rs. 4.8 billion, because one of the members of the committee is brother of the owner of the company. Resultantly, a huge amount of Rs. 1567.5 million is stuck with the contractor since last three years while there is no work progress on site.

During hearing of the case and listening to Federal Minister for Housing, the Honourable Supreme Court acceded to the request of Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat to appoint commission comprising a retired judge of Supreme Court to further probe the matter in detail. The Supreme Court has directed the Ministry of Housing and Works and the contractors M/S Green Tree Private Limited to appear on 30 June 2011 so that the members of inquiry commission may be finalized with mutual agreement of the parties.

Federal Minister has welcomed this initiative and hoped that his anti-corruption drive will definitely bring positive results.

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