Let’s meet Google’s self-driving car and its different features & that may inspire you

What do you need to know about it?
If you are the one, who does not miss any single news related to the tech world and have the passion to reveal ever-changing developments of the tech world to your friends and family and above all, if you are the one who loves to share tech news on Facebook in order to inspire your friends about having the knowledge of the every current happening of the tech world, so the news of Google’s another self-driving car, is the most right news to share on your timeline. Being a tech savvy, you will have got inspired by this new exciting and great product by Google and there are many things to like about Google’s own self-driving cars and the most important thing you must know about it, is that it has collaborated with Fiat, which happens to be one of the world’s top companies, when it comes to the automobile industry.

Let’s find out more about it

Pacifica Minivan, seems to be the great car, which is being brought by the both fiat and Google and many experts from the tech world have named it as the nice, roomy new Pacifica Minivan, and with being hybrid, it also has the largest space for the whole family and that makes it the most right car for the families, which are large in number. The Pacifica Minivan’s design also happens to give you an opportunity in order to test a large vehicle that may be comfortable for the passengers to get in and get off the car and for your information, Pacifica Minivan also has the hands-free sliding door and that makes it easier for you to move the seats without any issue.

Self-driving cars for disabled or aged people

Self-driving cars can be the useful and much helpful for those who are disabled and aged people, but the question of accessibility, wheelchair accommodation and an interface for the seeing-impaired, much immediately appears. It is yet to see that how much this new self-driving car by Google and Fiat will get popularity, but one thing is much clear that it has so far got the attention of people having a large family. According to more details, almost 100 vehicles will be particularly prepared by Fiat, Chrysler Automobiles in order to work with Google’s sensor suite, but so far they will be confined to test on the company’s own California test track.

Let’s find out about Fiat regarding this recent development

When it comes to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, so it happened to be the best performer between European automotive shares after it became the first major car maker for reaching a cooperation deal with Google in order to develop self-driving vehicles. As both the organizations such as Fiat and Google have come up with the mind of making self-driving cars, so that made this car maker to plan for developing about 100 self-driving cars that will be based on the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid-powered minivan that are to be used by Google in order to test its self-driving technology. One can think of the contribution of Fiat to make the Google accomplish its dream or goal.
According to both companies, the engineering team will happen to work together in order to complete that specific project at a facility in southeastern Michigan. According to many people Fiat Chrysler now happen to be in the front of competitors potentially after investors’ criticism that it is lagging behind the industry in autonomous driving.

The agreement between these two organizations

This specific accord happens to mark Google’s first ever agreement in order to work straightaway with a car maker company in order to integrate its self-driving technology since that specific technology giant kicked off making or developing autonomously operated cars by its own and that dates back to the 2014 and it was the year when the technology giant kicked off its this specific journey. According to the Chairman of Fiat Chrysler John Elkann the Automobile industry must kick off collaborations with new industry participants and the Chairman was to point out the biggest tech giants such as Google and Apple rather than thinking to compete with them, and indeed that strategy will bring up some endless benefits for the masses as well as for both industries. Fiat Chrysler Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne, who was the person to reveal the facts and a possible partnership with Google back in December, has happened to be much involved in the meetings with the U.S company and those who are much familiar with the matter have come up with this statement in April. They have also come up with a statement that both these two companies will have the right to cooperate or find out other partners as well when it comes to driver-less car technology and that will also subtly integrate other car making companies into this driver-less technology as they venture with tech giants. Now it is yet to see that how many other car making companies will happen to show interest and work with tech giants in order to produce more drivers-less cars, which can cater to the needs of all kinds of people that also include people with having different disability.

What does Google need more?

Google happens to be the tech giant that seems to need more cars in order to develop or test its own autonomous technology, but one thing you must know about it that it does not want to invest in the factories to make those ones. This specific joint venture so far offers Fiat Chrysler a platform to leverage this new technology and guides the company to prepare for a specific time of self-driving cars in which these specific cars will become the biggest and integral part of the transportation business. Well, so far this agreement between both these two companies seems to benefit both, but according to some experts the company Fiat has a lot more to get the maximum benefits out of this agreement than the Google.