Khurshid Spinning Mills Limited’s notice of extra ordinary general meeting

Karachi: We are pleased to enclose herewith notice of Extra General Meeting of shareholders of Khurshid Spinning Mills Limited (KHSM) which will be held on Saturday the 31st March 2012 at Head office of the company situated at Regency Plaza the Mall Faisalabad. This is for your intimation and for circulation amongst your members.

Furthermore this notice will be published as on 10th March 2012 in Newspapers.

Notice of Extra Ordinary General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that an Extra ordinary General Meeting of the members of Khurshid Spinning Mills Limited will be held at our Head Office 133, 134 Regency Plan the Mall road Faisalabad on Saturday the 31st March 2012 at a 9.M. to transact the following business.

1. To confirm the minutes of the last annual general meeting held on Oct 31, 2ô11.

Special Business

To consider and pass with or without modification the following resolution as special resolution;

Resolved that consent and approval of Khurshid Spinning Mills Limited Be and is hereby accorded u/s 196(3) of the Company Ordinance 1984 to lease out and for to sell off the assets of the company wholly or partially, to overcome the financial issues of the company.

“Further Resolved that in order to give effect to the above resolution, Mr. Kh. Amer Khurshid, Chief Executive officer and or Mr. Kh. Asem Khurshid Director, being authorized officer of the company, be and are hereby empowered to take necessary steps to determine the quantum / tenure and valuation / rentals of the assets whether leased and / or sold by negotiating and settling the terms and condition to execute agreements and to sign all the related documents including the settlements with the Bank and financial institution, on behalf of the company”.

3. To consider any other business that may be placed before the meeting with the permission of the chair.


1. Share Transfer Books of the company will remain dosed from 30th March 2012 to 5th April 2012(Both days inclusive) for the determination of entitlement to attend the meeting. Physical transfer received in order at registered office the company, by the close of business on 29th March 2012 will be treated in time.

2. A shareholder entitled to attend and vote at this meeting may appoint another shareholder as his/ her proxy to attend and vote on his/her behalf. The instrument appointing a proxy and power of attorney or other authority under which it is signed or naturally certified copy of the power of attorney must be received at the registered office of the company, dully stamped, signed and witnessed not later than 48 hours before the meeting.

3. Shareholders are requested to intimate the company if there is any change in their address. In case of corporate entity, the Board of directors Resolution / Power of attorney with specimen signature of the nominee shall be produced (unless provided earlier) at the time of the meeting.

Statement u/s 160 (1) (b) of the companies Ordinance, 1984:

A. Khurshid Spinning Mills Limited is listed company engaged in the Spinning of Yarn with its paid up capital of Rs. 181.748 Million

B. In order to overcome the financial issues of the company, the Directors have recommended to lease out and / or sell of the assets of the company, wholly or partially.

C. The. Directors have no personal interest in passing the proposed resolution for leasing out or sell of the assets of the company except to the extent of their shareholding.

For more information, contact:
Khurshid Spinning Mills Limited
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Faisalabad, Pakistan,
Tel: +92-41-2610025, 2610030
Fax: +92-41-2610027

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