Karachi Water Sewerage Board sends report to Local Bodies minister for establishing Police Stations

Karachi, July 19, 2013 (PPI-OT): According to Managing Director Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Misbahuddin Farid, on the directives of Minister Local Bodies and Chairman Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Syed Owais Muzaffar KW and SB has sent a details report for establishing KW and SB Police Station.

The report comprises of the details as to how the Police Station would be beneficial for KW and SB and in terms the citizens of Karachi. He said Chairman KW and SB has stated that 4 Magistrates would serve public interest through this Police Station who would play an important role in recovering thousands of acres of important development land allocated to KW and SB. They would also help KW and SB eliminate illegal hydrants spread out through the city.

M.D KW and SB expressed that KW and SB would not only be able to act directly against the land mafia and recover its lands through these Magistrates but it would also be able to take immediate and effective action against owners of illegal hydrants, bogus mineral water factories, sand and gravel mafia and entities taking illegal connections from KW and SB main lines.

He said that it would also impact recovery of KW and SB outstanding dues. KW and SB would be able to recover outstanding dues from residential consumers, builders and other institutions including Government entities. With the establishment of this Police station KW and SB would move rapidly towards financial stability and with more resources available towards provision of better services to the citizens. It would help Officers and KW and SB serve the city with ease.

KW and SB has been trying to establish Police Station with Magistrate for quite some time but to no avail, added Farid, however Provincial Minister for Local Bodies and Chairman KW and SB’s personal interest has speed up the process who gave priority to these matters. KW and SB would be able to recover billions of rupees in outstanding dues. He said that with such supervision and support from high ups KW and SB officers and Staff would be able to work with new energy and take all measures to ensure better provision of facilities to the citizens of Karachi.

For more information contact:
Karachi Water and Sewerage Board
Mr. Zahid Mehmood
P.S. Chairman Office
Tel: 99240819

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