Karachi University’s Students, teachers set precedent by reaching out to rain victims

Karachi: By all means an academic institution is supposed to disseminate knowledge but those pursuing education there should also not remain oblivious to happenings around them as well as the needs and requirements of the society they live in.

It seems as if the faculty and the staff as well as the students of the University of Karachi are mindful of this very situation. Being a responsible citizen it should also be their moral and social obligation.

In the wake of widespread rains and flooding in the province of Sindh, they realised their responsibilities to this very end and came forward to take an initiative to help their brethren in distress.

On the directive of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Karachi, Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, and under the leadership of Pro Vice-Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Dr. Shahana Urooj Kazmi, a team of volunteers consisting of faculty, staff and students moved ahead to collect the relief goods and distributed the same among the rain and flood affected persons in the interior of Sindh who were badly affected owing to the massive spell of torrential rains and subsequent flooding.

On August 28, a delegation of Karachi University consisting of faculty members, staff and the student themselves visited the affected area of District Badin and distributed relief items worth over Rs 600,000 which included eatables, items of daily use, clothes and Eid ul Fitr gifts for the children. It sufficed for more than 250 affected families. This very much pleased the Governor of Sindh, Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan, who is also the Chancellor of the public sector universities in the province.

Dr. Ebad was extremely happy that those associated with the University of Karachi have set out to help those who are in need.

As part of encouragement, he invited Dr. Shahana and her team to the Governor House on September 15 and also requested that they should visit the interior of Sindh again and distribute on his behalf relief goods among more than 500 rain affected families of the districts of Badin and Nawabshah.

The relief goods consisting of ration including flour, rice, sugar, tea packets and items of daily use were also handed over to the team on the occasion.

Delegation of the University of Karachi happily accepted the task assigned to them by the Governor of Sindh.

The two groups of the faculty, staff and students of Karachi University visited the interior of Sindh again on September 18 and distributed personally the relief goods among the rain affected people of Badin and Nawabshah.

They also met the rain affected people in the relief camps and apprised themselves of their needs and problems.

The Karachi University team is also planning to distribute relief items worth over Rs one million from the University’s special fund, in the rain hit areas in the interior of Sindh.

They have also decided to establish a medical camp in the affected areas.

In fact, by taking such an initiative, the faculty, staff and students of Karachi University have also set a good example of helping those who are in distress.

It is hoped that the other institutions would also come forward with the same spirit to help mitigate the sufferings of the affected.

This would also help foster the spirit of unity, brotherhood and cohesion, which is very much required at this very hour in the province of Sindh which is already suffering from the law and order problem.

It is also expected that the saner elements would prevail upon the younger generation to emulate the welfare activity of KU students and the faculty and give up wastage of time in frivolous pursuits.

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