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Karachi Stock Exchange Sees Mixed Activity in Daily Trading

Karachi, The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) displayed a mixed pattern in trading activities on May 15, 2024, with some indices witnessing gains while others faced slight downturns. The KSE-100 index saw a slight increase, rising by 132.79 points to close at 74,663.98, marking a 0.18 percent increase. According to information available from the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), this change indicates a steady market condition amidst varying sector performances.

The KSE-30 index also reported gains, increasing by 117.09 points to settle at 24,071.51, a growth of 0.49 percent, reflecting positive sentiment in top-tier stocks. Conversely, the KMI-30 index saw a marginal decline of 32.05 points, closing at 123,886.58, which represents a slight decrease of 0.03 percent.

Notably, the Banking and Technology Index (BKTI) and the JS Global Banking and Technology Index (JSGBKTI) demonstrated strong performances, with BKTI up by 410.13 points or 2.30 percent, and JSGBKTI climbing by 412.13 points or 2.16 percent. These indices were among the top performers of the day, suggesting a robust outlook for the banking and technology sectors.

The market’s overall activity was robust with a total traded volume of 572,420,772 shares and a traded value of PKR 25,947,015,642. The market capitalization stood at PKR 10,070,232,244,300, illustrating the significant scale of trading and investment within the PSX.

Despite these gains, the market also recorded declines in several other indices. The Oil and Gas Technical Index (OGTI) decreased by 75.38 points, closing at 17,862.53, a drop of 0.42 percent. The Acumen Capital Index (ACI) also faced a notable decrease, dropping by 104.14 points to close at 12,334.78, showing a decline of 0.84 percent.

The trading day ended with mixed results across the board, indicating varied investor sentiment and diverse sectoral performance. This day’s market activity underscores the dynamic nature of the PSX and the continuous fluctuation in stock values influenced by both domestic and international economic factors.