Karachi Electric Supply Company undertakes fast repair work: demands 276 MMCFD gas

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has started fast repair and maintenance of pending local faults to provide immediate relief to the power consumers suffering from prolonged fault-based outages.

In view of a big number of awaiting local faults all across the City for about two and a half months because of the unrest, special teams have also been formed to attend as much public complaints as possible on fast track basis. KESC has urged all the employees through an internal circular to serve the citizens of Karachi better than ever before.

Meanwhile, KESC has also demanded immediate supply of the government’s already committed quota of 276 MMCFD of natural gas saying that instead of an increase in gas supply keeping in view the hot and sultry weather, the supply had further dropped to low level in an unstable manner. KESC demanded of the government to revise its policy of preferring a few industrial units to about 20 million power users of Karachi as any reduction is gas supply for power generation was in effect a move against the life activities of the Metropolis.

KESC urged an immediate implementation of the recent decision of Economic Coordination Committee of the Federal Cabinet to supply the allocated quota of 276 MMCFD to the utility on urgent basis. KESC said that the present duration of load shedding could be brought down to half in case at least 240 MMCFD of gas is supplied on regular basis. KESC has presently been operating at 35 per cent less than its approved quota of 276 MMCFD and all stakeholders and providers of energy sector need to keep the interest of general public supreme and consider their power requirements above the individual interests.

The SSGC being a public sector organization also needed to fulfil its responsibilities and deliver on its obligation of safeguarding the interests of the general public.

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