Karachi Electric Supply Company makes Final Voluntary Separation Scheme offer to its non-core, non -technical workers

Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has decided to offer its Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) one last time for the benefit of the non-core workers to opt for the scheme.

The KESC has designed the scheme keeping in mind the maximum financial benefits that can be extended to the respective non-core workers, not only considering the market trend but also bearing in mind best practices for such offers.

The KESC has said that the scheme carries very attractive benefits considering the average monthly salaries of non-core workers who are offered this package. If the separating workers deposit the money in any regular profit scheme, the monthly earning would be equal to, in most cases even greater than, their current monthly salaries. This final offer can also prove to be a freedom platform for many, who had the skills and desire but lacked the capital to pursue their independent entrepreneurial streak.

Last time when the scheme was announced in December 2010, the issue was politicized and union leaders misled workers and forced them not to opt for the Voluntary Separation Scheme using all kinds of coercive measures. However, the concerned workers are now realizing the benefits and opting out of the politicized protests. So far, three of the five unions in the labour alliance have already distanced themselves from the violent protest of a small group of miscreants within the labour ranks. They have also announced that any separation scheme would not be opposed and workers would not be stopped forcefully from accepting the offer.

The VSS announced last time had attracted some 670 non-core workers who opted for the scheme. However, a much greater number of the willing non-core workers had been forced and coerced by union activists for not accepting it. Keeping that in mind, KESC is offering this scheme one last time so that those who could not benefit from it last time, can avail this opportunity. KESC has made it clear that no other package will be announced after this scheme and non-core workers are encouraged to accept this final offer.

The KESC has made arrangement to deliver individual package details through “deal sheets” with a one sheet acceptance form to be sent at the last known home addresses of non-core workers.

In the deal sheets, the VSS delivery mechanism has been simplified for the convenience of these employees, limiting it to the essential information on one form with one witness signatures and copies of CNICs. A self addressed envelope with prepaid postage is contained within the package to facilitate the successful closure.

Final VSS application scheme forms can also be obtained and submitted from/to KESC’s DCOO’s offices and IR’s office at State Life Building. The KESC has urged upon the non-core workers to consider this final opportunity with their own personal interest in mind and not get misled by negative propaganda of people who have been politicizing the whole issue from day one.

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