Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited’s plants continue to Trip due to Low Gas Pressure

Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has asked SSGC to provide enough gas pressure at power generation plants so that power plants can operate without tripping. Adequate gas pressure is also required for carrying out heat rate test by to be witnessed by a visiting team from National Electric Power Regulatory Authority.

KESC said the efficiency test had been delayed at Korangi Gas Turbine Power Station because of severe drop in gas pressure.

Because of the drop in gas pressure, the 220-MW Combined Cycle Power Plant had already been shut down causing a significant decrease in the electricity generation capacity of KESC, while the gas turbine power stations at Korangi and SITE had been constrained to produce much less power than capacity.

A 5-member NEPRA team had arrived at Korangi Gas Turbines Power Station on Tuesday to witness efficiency test as per directives of the Authority. However, the gas pressure at the power generation plants as supplied by SSGC was much below than the required quantum needed to perform the test.

KESC engineers contacted SSGC personnel and informed them of importance and urgency of the situation requesting an increase in gas pressure but the later did not respond positively. Finally, the test was delayed for want of gas pressure.

KESC said the low gas pressure had already forced the gas-run power plants to generate less than capacity which had caused high increase in load shedding in the City for the past several days. The same reason had finally made it impossible to perform efficiency and heat rate test as required to be witnessed by NEPRA team.

KESC demanded of the government to intervene into the situation and direct SSGC to increase both gas pressure and volume in order to provide relief to the 20 million population of Karachi. It is critical that ECC’s decisions of June 30, 2011 are implemented in letter and spirit. It was decided to observe two-day per week gas holiday in industries and CNG stations and gas so saved was to be supplied to KESC.

It was also decided to curtail 20% gas supply to fertilizer factories. These decisions await execution as people of Karachi suffer due to insufficient fuel supply to the power utility. KESC once again appeals to the minister petroleum Dr. Asim to immediately ensure that SSGC is directed to implement ECC directives and supply 276 MMCFD gas to KESC.

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