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Justice Khilji Advocates for Arbitration and Mediation to Resolve Business Disputes in Pakistan

Karachi, Justice (Retd.) Arif Hussain Khilji, Managing Director of Musaliha International Center for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution (MICADR), has urged the Pakistani business community to adopt arbitration and mediation services to resolve disputes efficiently. MICADR, recognized by the government and the High Court, boasts a success rate over 70% in dispute resolutions.

According to Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Justice Khilji highlighted the prolonged judicial processes in Pakistan, where legal cases can extend up to 25 years, as a significant obstacle to investment. He recommended MICADR’s services during a meeting at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, emphasizing their speed and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional court proceedings. The enforceability of MICADR’s decisions also ensures that resolutions are not only quick but legally binding.

During the session, other distinguished members such as former KCCI President Majyd Aziz and MICADR Co-Founder Sarha Rasheed also spoke. Rasheed detailed the challenges posed by the backlog of 2.1 million cases in Pakistani courts and promoted MICADR’s diverse case handling capabilities, including commercial and family disputes. She stressed the confidentiality maintained in their mediations, a crucial factor for many businesses.

The meeting also discussed global trends in arbitration and mediation, noting the success of these methods in countries like Singapore, Türkiye, and China. With the recognition of MICADR by the High Court of Sindh in 2022, there’s a growing acknowledgment of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods as viable options for legal disputes in Pakistan.

Senior Vice President of KCCI, Altaf A. Ghaffar, acknowledged the critical need for judicial reforms in Pakistan, citing the country’s low ranking in the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index. He advocated for increased use of ADR to alleviate the burden on traditional courts and improve the legal framework, enhancing the socioeconomic conditions in Pakistan.

The gathering concluded with a strong endorsement of MICADR’s role in promoting judicial efficiency and the potential of ADR methods to transform the business landscape in Pakistan.

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