Joint Statement of Trilateral Summit Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Islamabad: With the framework of trilateral cooperation among the Governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Heads of the three States held the Second Trilateral Summit in Tehran, on 24h June 2011.

The Parties, in this Summit, underlined the good neighbourly relations and the necessity of strengthening and expanding trilateral cooperation in various fields. The Parties also discussed issues of mutual interest in the political, security and economic domains, as well as in the areas of trade, education and culture. Moreover, the Parties regarded the Trilateral Summit as an appropriate platform for the promotion of regional cooperation and the strengthening of peace and stability.

During the trilateral discussions, held in a friendly environment, the three Parties emphasized the implementation of agreements based on the document signed among the three countries in Tehran (24 May 2009) and the agreement among the three Foreign Ministers in Islamabad (16 January 2010). They agreed as follows:

All parties stressed the strong will of the governments and Muslim people of the region to strengthen the ties in various areas of political, security, economic and cultural issues and promoting cooperation among three countries in the above mentioned areas.

All parties underlined the need to maintain peace, stability and tranquillity in their region as well as to promote economic prosperity, strengthen their cultures and respect religious beliefs.

All parties underscored their strong commitment to reinforce their efforts to eradicate extremism, terrorism and militancy and also rejected external interference all of which are not in clear conformity with the spirit of Islam and the peaceful traditions of their people.

All parties expressed their deep concern over the increase in narcotic drugs trafficking and other organized crime, and called for greater regional cooperation to eliminate this menace.

All parties stressed that the existing capacities of their respective countries be fully utilized, so as to strengthen peace and security to ensure the respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity as enshrined in the UN Charter, in order to prevent any instability.

All parties reiterated the importance of regional cooperation and emphasized to work together to resolve regional issues affecting them.

All parties agreed that further Trilateral Meetings at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Interior/Security and Commerce will prepare a roadmap for the Heads of Government.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic Republic of Pakistan support the Afghan led and owned reconciliation and peace process initiated by the Afghan Government.

All Parties agreed that the Third Trilateral Summit shall be held in Islamabad preferably before the end of 2011. They also agreed that the Fourth Summit would be held in Kabul.

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