ISF participates in board meeting of Islamic University of Uganda

Jeddah - The OIC Islamic Solidarity Fund (ISF) participated in the 29th Session of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic University of Uganda (IUIU) held on November 9-11, chaired by Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Sibail.

Board members like Ambassador Mohammad Naim Khan, representative of the OIC Secretary General, Ambassador Nasser bin Abdullah bin Hamdan Al-Zi'bi, chairman of the ISF Permanent Council, and Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al-Khuzaim, the ISF executive director, attended the meeting.

The Board also took a number of important decisions to support the IUIU progress and help it achieve its future goals. The Board members and the IUIU guests also witnessed the graduation of the 25 students at the IUIU headquarters in Mbale.

The OIC-ISF pays particular attention to the IUIU as one of the OIC subsidiary organs according to an integrated program of work providing annual financial support since its founding in 1988 amounting to one million dollars annually during the last seven years totaling more than $20 million so far.

In recognition of the outstanding role of the ISF under the OIC umbrella, Ibrahim Al-Khuzaim, executive director, undertook field visits to some of the ISF projects in Kampala and beyond and delivered assistance to five projects.

Source: international Islamic News Agency