Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan Vigilant to Check Violation of I.P. Rights Famous Comedy Character Mr. Bean Being Used in Pakistan by an Agreement: Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi

Islamabad: IPO-Pakistan has proved its vigilance in promoting and building respect for Intellectual Property Rights in the country.

According to the details about a recent case, the Chairman IPO-Pakistan and Member National Assembly Mr. Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi showed immense concern in relation to an advertisement casting a look alike of Mr. Bean. The product was gaining popularity by using the name of a famous comedy character, Mr. Bean, who is the creation of Mr. Rowan Atkinson.

The Chairman IPO-Pakistan made efforts to contact the relevant department to enquire and inform about the IP Rights of Mr. Rowan Atkinson. He was assured by the department that they had duly entered an Agreement with marketing agents of Rowan Atkinson.

Nevertheless, further enquiry was conducted by IPO-Pakistan and they approached the marketing agents of Mr. Rowan Atkinson to confirm about the said agreement. It was confirmed that there was an agreement in place and vigilant steps in this regard by IPO-Pakistan were highly appreciated at international level.

It is also to be mentioned that positive steps in creating awareness and discouraging rampant violation of IP rights by IPO-Pakistan are a way forward in building mutual respect of I.P. Rights locally and at international forums. Such steps will encourage Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan and will alleviate fears of foreign investors regarding infringement of IP Rights.

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