Inheritance and Craftmanship–TCC Design Competition Drew to a Conclusion: Rising Star Designer Zhao Li Won the Gold Prize

SHENGZE, China, Oct. 25, 2016 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– On 16 October, sponsored by China Oriental Silk Market, the final of “Inheritance and Craftmanship-­TCC design competition” was launched in Shengze, the No. 1 Chinese Silk Town. 23 series and 70-odd pieces of fashion products showcased the beauty of Chinese fashion and the excellence of workmanship. The production of rising star designer Zhao Li ‘Impression of Mountains and Rivers’ won the gold prize and was granted an award of 150,000 yuan. The production of Shu Yupeng ‘Carefree Travel’ and the production of Ma Liang ‘Integration’ won the silver prize. Chen Dingding, Ruan Chengzhan and Deng Jiejing’s works ‘Memory-Void’, ‘Chinese Prescription’ and ‘Double Happiness’ won the bronze prize. Xinhua net, Aiqiyi and China Mobile 4G Network made live broadcast of the final contest. Millions of Internet users and participating designers and audience witnessed this grand event.

The contest was jointly hosted by the Information Center of Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Net Stockholding Co. Ltd. in partnership with Chinese Textile Media Holding Co. Ltd. and Textile and Apparel Weekly. In the seven-month-long contest, the organizing committee hosted a number of wonderful activities including Beijing Press Conference, Suzhou Innovation Expo, Chinese Fashion Brands Development Forum, National Contest Event Promotion Campaign, Work Selecting and Tutor Grouping, Shengze Highlights.

Tsinghua University professor and former chairman of China Fashion Designer Association Li Dangqi was appointed chairman of the jury. He commented, “China’s fashion design industry needs young and rising new stars to support. China’s excellent traditional culture and workmanship needs the youth to inherit and carry forward. I wish more and more designers would commit themselves to inheriting the workmanship, innovating in the process of inheriting and progressing in the process of innovating, in order to boost the development of culture and workmanship, showcase the characteristics of Chinese culture, and play a positive role in pushing China’s textile and garment industry to go global.”

The ingenuity of the “Tutor PK Contest” toppled traditional forms of contest that were practiced in China’s past fashion design contests. Three gold prize winners Wang Yutao, Li Xiaoyan and Wu Xukai were appointed tutors of the event, each leading a team of designers to compete in the contest. This is the most classic and creative shining point of this fashion tournament.

An authoritative official concluded that China will take advantage of this event to create a designer-centered fashion design ecosphere in Shengze the first silk town of China, and will set up a platform for rising star designers to develop their career and present their innovations. He wished that fashion design schools and garment enterprises in Shengze would cooperate and exchange opinions and experience to produce more top designers and boost the transformation and upgrade of China’s textile and apparel industry.

Source: Inheritance and Craftsmanship–TCC Design Award Committee