Independent judiciary ensures protection of rights of the people and promotes rule of law: Chief Justice of Pakistan

Islamabad, June 08, 2013 (PPI-OT): An independent judiciary ensures protection of rights of the people and promotes rule of law which is prerequisite for good governance. Good Governance is impossible without accountability as it determines the level of governance in a country and independent judicial system ensures accountability and better public governance.

It is a matter of great satisfaction and pleasure that in Pakistan despite all odds, transfer of power through democratic process has been completed peacefully. Though conducting election in a free, fair and transparent manner is the responsibility of Election Commission of Pakistan but keeping in view the sentiments of political parties, civil society and media to enhance the credibility of election process by involving judiciary, the request of Election Commission of Pakistan to depute judicial officers as DROs and ROs in relaxation of National Judicial Policy was acceded to in the supreme national interest.

However, before taking decision, we held meetings with the Election Commission of Pakistan and took this decision to repose the confidence shown in the judiciary as an independent and impartial institution. I also personally met with DROs and ROs to enlighten them about the importance of task and it’s far reaching impact on the future destination of our beloved country. They were clearly directed to discharge their responsibilities in accordance with law to strengthen the perception of people in the independence of Judiciary.

Since the election process has been completed, therefore, it is the time to review the performance of judicial officers as DROs and ROs to devise strategies for future. In this regard, necessary information has been requisitioned from DROs, ROs and Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan which will be discussed in today’s meeting.

In line with the constitutional mandate and to meet the heighten expectations of public, the National Judicial Policy has been formulated and launched which provides strategies to ensure independence of judiciary, eradication of corruption and clearance of backlog. Under the Policy, certain targets were fixed and guidelines were given to the Courts to realize the goal of ensuring expeditious and inexpensive justice.

The results of Policy are magnificent and I feel pride to share that the district judiciary has decided 99% of old cases i.e. the cases registered before 2008. Through effective implementation of Policy, the performance of other stakeholders of the criminal justice system has also been improved. Today we are going to review the performance of district judiciary and other stakeholders in the backdrop of National Judicial Policy.

In the last meeting of NJPMC, the Chief Justice Azad Jammu and Kashmir desired to sign MoU with the Judiciary of Pakistan for coordination in the administration of justice. In this regard, a MoU has been drafted which will also be considered in the meeting.
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