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IMF report forecasts improved Pakistan’s economy in next fiscal year

A fresh report of the International Monetary Fund has predicted a significant improvement in Pakistan's economic landscape during the next fiscal year. According to the IMF Economic Outlook for the year 2024 released today, a significant upward trajectory has been forecast in key economic indicators of Pakistan economy such as inflation, unemployment, and economic growth. The report said that Pakistan's economic growth rate is expected to rise to 3.5 percent next year, showing a positive trajectory from the projected 2 percent growth rate for the current year. The report also showed a substantial decline in inflation and unemployment figures, with inflation forecast to decrease to 24.8 percent this year and further scale down to 12.7 percent next year. Furthermore, the IMF Economic Outlook suggests a decline in unemployment rates, with an estimated rate of 8 percent for the current year, expected to decrease to 7.5 percent next year. Source: Radio Pakistan