Hum Network Limited’s appointment of chairman/ chief executive/ managing director/ director(s)/ company secretary

Karachi: We have to inform you that Mr. Duraid Qureshi has been re-appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Company with effect from 05-Sep-2011 for the next three year in the Board of Directors Meeting held on 05-Sep -2011.

Change of Management

We have to inform you that as a result of change of management of the Company, the following Director has resigned from the Board of Directors with effect from 22, 2011.


Mr. Mazhar-ul-Haq SiddiquiDirector


In place of the above outgoing Director, the under-mentioned has joined the Board with effect from August 22, 2011.


Mr. Abdul Hameed DagiaDirector


The new Board of the Company now consists of the following:


MS. Sultana SiddiquiDirector
Mr. Munawar Atam SiddiquiDirector
Mr. Shunaid QureshiDirector
Mrs. Khush Bakht ShujatDirector
Mrs. Mahtab Akbar RashdiDirector
Mr. M. Ayub Younus AdhiDirector
Mr. Abdul Hamid DagiaDirector


For more information, contact:
Nasir Jamal
Company Secretary
Hum Network Limited
10/11 Hassan Ali
Off. I.I. Chundrigar Road,
Karachi 74000