Housing Finance, real estate and construction sectors join hands to provide affordable housing

Karachi: The House Building Finance Company Limited – HBFCL with its vision to be the prime housing finance institution of the country participated in the “Pakistan’s Housing Construction Conference” held today at a local hotel in Karachi. The objective of the conference was to address the ever growing housing shortage in the country and to discuss issues faced by the construction industry.

Speaking at the conference the Chief Executive Officer of HBFCL, Azhar A. Jaffri said, “Real estate, housing and construction industry plays a vital role in development of the economy of a country and can provide employment opportunity to millions. I earnestly hope that the participants of this conference will pledge to cooperate to provide affordable housing to citizens of Pakistan.”

Discussing the growing housing shortage in the country the CEO further added, “There are 60-70 other industries linked with housing sector. By addressing the challenges facing the housing and construction industry can give a boost to more than 60 allied industries linked with housing.”

A comprehensive transformation is currently underway at HBFCL with the aim to bring new reforms in almost every section of the organization. Exceptional progress has been made in implementing the transformation strategy and substantial progress is evident.

The conference was organized by ‘Investment and Marketing’ a 45 year old company that has a record of organizing conferences on vital sectors of Pakistan’s economy including agriculture, aviation, banking, shipping, pharmaceuticals, etc. Some of the prominent speakers at the conference were Senator Syed Mustafa Kamal (former City Nazim), Arif Habib, Chairman Saiban Tasneem Siddiqui, S.M. Muneer, Shahid Feroz and Dr Kaiser Bengali.

The House Building Finance Company Limited (‘HBFCL”) is an unlisted Public Limited Company. Its Vision is “to be the prime housing finance institution of the country, providing affordable housing solutions to low and middle income groups of population by encouraging new constructions in small and medium housing (SMH) sector.” Since its inception it has provided a range of housing finance products and services for nearly half a million housing units.

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