Half Yearly Statement of Loan to Textile Sector

Karachi: In terms of letter No.DS.BS.1 (3)/2008-347 dated 6th February 2008, all scheduled banks and DFIs are required to submit half yearly statement of Loan to Textile Sector (LTTS) on regular basis to Statistics & DWH Department of State Bank of Pakistan through email/ordinary mail by the 31st January & 31st July.

State Bank of Pakistan has introduced new data acquisition system for Loan to Textile Sector’s data through Data Warehouse (DAP-4). All banks/DFIs have also been submitting the LTTS data on new format on trial basis for quite some time.

For efficient reporting, it has been decided to switch over completely to the new system (DAP-4) with effect from June 2011 and discontinue the data reporting through email/ordinary mail with immediate effect. All banks/DFIs are now required to submit the error free data on DAP-4 in future as per timelines mentioned above.

For more information, contact:
Syed Wasimuddin
Chief Spokesman
State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)
Tel: +9221 3921 2562
Fax: +9221 3921 2563
Email: syed.wasimuddin@sbp.org.pk