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Hajj Mission taken special measures to cater differently abled pilgrims

The Pakistan Hajj Mission has taken special measures this year to cater to the needs of differently abled intending pilgrims, ensuring their ease and comfort during their stay in Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

Radio Pakistan’s correspondent Javed Iqbal reports from Makkah that the Pakistan Hajj Mission has made all out arrangements to facilitate differently abled people in residential units.

Additionally, electric wheelchairs are available to facilitate convenient transportation between residential units and the Haram, with dedicated buses serving for this purpose.

The Mission has instructed its staff to prioritize the well-being of these individuals, offering extra vigilance and care throughout their pilgrimage stay.

In order to ensure the well being of these special individuals, the Director of Moavineen e Hujjaj, Sajjad Yildrim, has personally conveyed special instructions to the staff.

They have been directed to exercise extra vigilance and care towards the differently abled pilgrims, guaranteeing that their needs are met and they receive the necessary support throughout their journey.

Source: Radio Pakistan