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Govt Introduces New Laws to Control Social Media

The federal government has decided to introduce legislation aimed at regulating social media. In this regard, amendments to the PECA Act 2016 are set to establish the Digital Rights Protection Authority. According to the sources, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has approved the establishment of the authority by amending the PECA Act. The Cabinet's Legal Reforms Committee had proposed the amended bill and the establishment of the Digital Rights Protection Authority. Recommendations were sought from the Ministry of IT, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, and other stakeholders regarding this bill. According to sources, under these amendments, the Digital Rights Authority will be established under the Ministry of IT and Telecom. The authority will advise the government on matters related to digital rights. It will ensure responsible use of the internet and enforce regulations. The authority will facilitate cooperation with social media platforms to promote a positive digital ecosystem. The proposed Digital R ights Authority will regulate online content. It will investigate violations of the laws on social media. The Digital Rights Authority will take action against violators of the new PECA law. The authority may also summon individuals and witnesses involved in digital rights violations. The Digital Rights Authority may also establish rules to enforce laws on digital rights. The bill recommending the establishment of the Digital Rights Protection Authority will be presented before the federal cabinet. The new proposed PECA bill 2024 will be presented in Parliament after approval by the Cabinet. After the approval from the parliament and president of Pakistan the authority will be established under the Ministry of IT and Telecom. It is worth mentioning that last week the Ministry of IT issued an SRO regarding the establishment of the National Cybercrime Investigation Authority. Source: Pro Pakistani